Travel: The underwater world of Mallorca

It attracts nature lovers especially because of the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca. However, even below sea level, guests of the island expects fascinating underwater landscapes.

For the curious, who want to take their first diving experience, particularly the dive sites are in the southeast of the island. Some dive centres offer here even in cooperation with the surrounding hotels specifically a shuttle service. There is a renowned tourist resort, close to SantanyiCala d’Or, which lies not far from the picturesque dive sites.
The most beautiful sandy beaches in Mallorca

It comes to the most beautiful sandy beaches in Mallorca, changed on this stretch of coast over again with steep cliffs, which are more appealing, when you look below the surface. Furthermore, the Mallorcan underwater world is characterized by canyon-like landscapes, caves with fascinating play of light, mysterious caves, sandbanks and sea grass meadows. Nevertheless, it is particularly lively at the numerous riffs; they are inhabited by a rich variety of flora and fauna: barracuda, scorpion fish, lobsters, groupers, breams, lobsters, moray eels and much more abound here.

In Cala d’Or is also located with the Dive Centre Majorca, a renowned diving school on site, where are offering both beginner courses and one-day dive trips to the island of Cabrera. Actually, you receive here only two diving groups per day access to this unique protected area, which is why it is recommended timely planning and booking. There is a very strict regulation because the divers present a pristine and inhabited by numerous species of fish underwater landscape, which is almost impossible to find in the Mediterranean.

During the dive site Cabrera, there are high demands. Even the underwater landscape is protected and therefore promises from just a few meters deep unforgettable diving experiences. Contact for diving courses and tours in this holiday region – centre Aqua Diving in Mallorca Port d’Andratx. Other dive sites in the southwest, which are also are controlled – the peninsula of La Mola, the dream Point, the Barracuda Reef, several grottos and caves and the wrecks of Ms Josephine and MS Goggi III.