Travel: Destination Ireland – Kilkenny Castle and National Museum of Ireland

On your next visit to Ireland, you should definitely plan to the National Museum of Ireland in your commotion list. The museum is housed in four different buildings in Dublin, so you should plan exactly which topic is interesting.

In the National Museum of Ireland, see departments of archaeology, decorative arts and history, but also natural history departments. Likewise, you will also find a section about the country life.

Visit and learn more about a great destination to see.

The National Museum of Ireland Tours and workshops are held for groups. Especially for teachers and students is the National Museum of Ireland excellent support for schoolwork. The workshops and seminars, however, should be booked in advance.
Overall, you will find the National Museum of Ireland almost 4 million objects and exhibits relating primarily to Ireland.
Admission to the museum is free. The opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 10-17 clock and Sunday is 14-17 clock.
For visitors, there is a museum shop where you can buy all the memories of visiting the museum in the form of books and the like. The proceeds from the store go directly to the support of the museum.

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny, in Ireland, is a beautiful destination and offers visitors a great many impressive attractions. Kilkenny has a very beautiful city and offers visitors many attractions and interesting cultural sites. However, one of the most famous building is the Kilkenny Castle.

Kilkenny Castle was built around 1190 and was inhabited until 1935. In 1967, Kilkenny Castle was given into the hands of the Irish people. The Castle has been completely renovated and is now not only the symbol of the city, but also a popular tourist attraction. The building was initially built as a castle in the 12th century and completed by additions over the years. For this reason, very many different architectural styles are reflected in the Kilkenny Castle, which make the building an interesting visit to object. To the Kilkenny Castle is an idyllic parkland that is beautiful and inviting a meditative walk. Apart from the picturesque park, the Castle is itself of course to visit.

The entrance fee is designed to be appropriate and is 6 euros. The interior of the castle is very beautiful and magnificent Interior furnishing and paintings leave an impressive impression on the visitor. Tours are not offered. Thus, the Castle has to be explored on your own, which is a point of criticism for some, of course, because you can learn less about the historical background of the castle.