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Travel: Destination Ireland – Kilkenny Castle and National Museum of Ireland

On your next visit to Ireland, you should definitely plan to the National Museum of Ireland in your commotion list. The museum is housed in four different buildings in Dublin, so you should plan exactly which topic is interesting.

In the National Museum of Ireland, see departments of archaeology, decorative arts and history, but also natural history departments. Likewise, you will also find a section about the country life.

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The National Museum of Ireland Tours and workshops are held for groups. Especially for teachers and students is the National Museum of Ireland excellent support for schoolwork. The workshops and seminars, however, should be booked in advance.
Overall, you will find the National Museum of Ireland almost 4 million objects and exhibits relating primarily to Ireland.
Admission to the museum is free. The opening times are Tuesday to Saturday 10-17 clock and Sunday is 14-17 clock.
For visitors, there is a museum shop where you can buy all the memories of visiting the museum in the form of books and the like. The proceeds from the store go directly to the support of the museum.

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny, in Ireland, is a beautiful destination and offers visitors a great many impressive attractions. Kilkenny has a very beautiful city and offers visitors many attractions and interesting cultural sites. However, one of the most famous building is the Kilkenny Castle.

Kilkenny Castle was built around 1190 and was inhabited until 1935. In 1967, Kilkenny Castle was given into the hands of the Irish people. The Castle has been completely renovated and is now not only the symbol of the city, but also a popular tourist attraction. The building was initially built as a castle in the 12th century and completed by additions over the years. For this reason, very many different architectural styles are reflected in the Kilkenny Castle, which make the building an interesting visit to object. To the Kilkenny Castle is an idyllic parkland that is beautiful and inviting a meditative walk. Apart from the picturesque park, the Castle is itself of course to visit.

The entrance fee is designed to be appropriate and is 6 euros. The interior of the castle is very beautiful and magnificent Interior furnishing and paintings leave an impressive impression on the visitor. Tours are not offered. Thus, the Castle has to be explored on your own, which is a point of criticism for some, of course, because you can learn less about the historical background of the castle.

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Travel: Destination Ireland

Ireland is an island nation on the island of Ireland, which adjoins the north to the United Kingdom; east of the Irish Sea and to the south and west is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Ireland is an EU member. The destination Ireland has an area of 70182 km ² and about 4,239,848 inhabitants and consists of four provinces.

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Connacht, Munster, Leinster and Ulster are found mainly inland plains, surrounded by hilly area. The River Shannon runs with a length of 370 km, the longest river of the island. Numerous lakes are located in the plains, dominate the landscape, and are among the attractions in Ireland. Lough Neagh in Northern Ireland is the best-known Irish Sea. Carrauntoohil, southwest of the island, with 1041 meters the highest mountain in the Macgillicuddy’s Reeks.

Ireland has many national parks. The cultural life of Ireland is still primarily in the major centres of Dublin, Galway, Cork and Limerick from. The Green Island is popular with holidaymakers who want to explore the many discoveries. Between the castle walls and stalls can be easy to lose track. Northeast of Dublin are the destinations should not be missed.The tunnel vision designed Ireland oasis so close and yet distant. This oasis must on the travel tips. In the southeast of Ireland, Cabra Castle destination Castle emerges majestically and white.

Green World of parkland, maze and roller coaster at the same time. This fascination makes the country a travel tip. Along the west coast the next follow travel tips. Visitors can expect impressive country. Cliffs, green hills and pubs.

The region in the west of Ireland is one of the highlights of the trip destinations. Twelve Bens, the 12 mountains, mainly dominate the region some over 700 feet high, which run through the region. South of it is the strip of heath and moorland. The impressive panorama of the mountains is sought. In between, there are small islands; the coast is interrupted by breathtakingly beautiful beaches with fine sand and clear water. This stunning region must not be missing on the list of attractions.

The capital is the largest city in Ireland. In recent Dublin, it has culturally evolved considerably. There is a lively nightlife with live music, nightclubs and pubs – great tourist attractions in Ireland. The rest of the city is with new and trendy nightclubs, bars restaurants.

Additional points of interest include the two famous churches in Dublin: St Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral, which should not be missing on the list of destinations.

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Travel: The underwater world of Mallorca

It attracts nature lovers especially because of the beautiful Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca. However, even below sea level, guests of the island expects fascinating underwater landscapes.

For the curious, who want to take their first diving experience, particularly the dive sites are in the southeast of the island. Some dive centres offer here even in cooperation with the surrounding hotels specifically a shuttle service. There is a renowned tourist resort, close to SantanyiCala d’Or, which lies not far from the picturesque dive sites.
The most beautiful sandy beaches in Mallorca

It comes to the most beautiful sandy beaches in Mallorca, changed on this stretch of coast over again with steep cliffs, which are more appealing, when you look below the surface. Furthermore, the Mallorcan underwater world is characterized by canyon-like landscapes, caves with fascinating play of light, mysterious caves, sandbanks and sea grass meadows. Nevertheless, it is particularly lively at the numerous riffs; they are inhabited by a rich variety of flora and fauna: barracuda, scorpion fish, lobsters, groupers, breams, lobsters, moray eels and much more abound here.

In Cala d’Or is also located with the Dive Centre Majorca, a renowned diving school on site, where are offering both beginner courses and one-day dive trips to the island of Cabrera. Actually, you receive here only two diving groups per day access to this unique protected area, which is why it is recommended timely planning and booking. There is a very strict regulation because the divers present a pristine and inhabited by numerous species of fish underwater landscape, which is almost impossible to find in the Mediterranean.

During the dive site Cabrera, there are high demands. Even the underwater landscape is protected and therefore promises from just a few meters deep unforgettable diving experiences. Contact for diving courses and tours in this holiday region – centre Aqua Diving in Mallorca Port d’Andratx. Other dive sites in the southwest, which are also are controlled – the peninsula of La Mola, the dream Point, the Barracuda Reef, several grottos and caves and the wrecks of Ms Josephine and MS Goggi III.

The charm of Santa Rosa Beach

If you’re looking for a unique travel and vacation spot, look no further than the Emerald Coast of Florida and most notably Santa Rosa Beach. Coined the “Redneck Riviera” by many locals, Santa Rosa is the ideal mix of beach front adventure and southern hospitality. It is located 17 miles away from Destin. If you are there at the moment and you don’t have a car, just get one of the best taxi services available in Destin. The combination of deep south culture, coupled with an amazing gulf coastal experience, is arguably second to none when it comes to various beach oriented vacation spots. If you’ve grown tired of the “big city” feel when it comes to beach locations throughout the United States and abroad, Santa Rosa is likely the spot for you. The Emerald Coast is the ideal location to enjoy the vastness of the gulf coast while mixing the entire scene with a little down home flavour.

In respect to some of the activities along Santa Rosa Beach, tourists will find many wonderful fishing opportunities as well as various types of water sport activities such as kayaking, water-skiing and wake boarding. In addition, Santa Rosa is home to both Eden Gardens State Park as well as Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. Topsail has a total of three lakes which has been deemed superb if you’re looking for a high quality freshwater fishing experience. When it comes to cuisine, the Emerald Coast as a whole is packed with many eateries that specialize in preparing the freshest seafood from the Florida gulf coast. When taking a trip to Santa Rosa, the enjoyment of fresh seafood is nothing short of a requirement. Especially if you’re looking to take in everything that southern beach culture has to offer.

When it comes to planning your trip, various months are critical in terms of taking in the full experience that Santa Rosa and the Emerald Coast has to showcase. From a weather standpoint, late March spanning throughout the summer months is typically ideal. Santa Rosa becomes quite the hotbed for tourists as well as locals once school concludes in late May and early June. Once again, if taking in the full Emerald Coast experience is what you’re craving, visit Santa Rosa during the peak months to receive everything the Florida gulf coast has to offer. By visiting Santa Rosa during the peak months, you’ll be assured of meeting all types of people who are eager to share this wonderful experience with you.

Santa Rosa Beach is quite original and certainly suffers from no identity crisis. If you want to see first hand what you’ve potentially heard and/or read about for years, be sure to stop by the Emerald Coast and enjoy everything that Santa Rosa Beach has to offer. You’re guaranteed to be welcomed with a smile.

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